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Here is a list of my top 10 predictions for the next 10 years


Computer Driven Ubers

Day in and day out, we're commuting to work, going to the gym, and going to our next engagement.  That could be time spent being productive.  We take for granted the dangers inherent with driving, but we can mitigate that risk with computers that never sleep, get drunk, or distract themselves.  Plus, I'm ready for even cheaper Uber fares and thrilled to forget about the responsibilities of car ownership.



Image Recognition

Tired of running out of groceries?  Snap a pic of that box of cereal before you finish, and next-gen companies can automatically match that image with an inventory item and ship it to your door.  Now we just have to get the FAA to repeal their restrictive legislation on autonomous drones.



The Rise of eSports

Starcraft 2, one of my favorite real time strategy games, has already proven that eSports are a thing.  Professional players are winning thousands of dollars as they perfom online for the world to see.  This trend will continue upward as we see more gamers live streaming on Twitch and Youtube, and Blizzard continues to use innovative approaches to story telling and gameplay with ever better technology.



Virtual Reality

Go read Ready Player One, right now!



Virtaul Assistants Become More Relevant

Google Now can already predict how long your commute home  from work will be.  Prepare for Google to grow into an eerily omniscient god-like adviser for any problem or question you might have, as they measure your blood glocose level and scan your emails.  Trade your privacy for on demand information.



Automation Continues to Replace Human Labor

No job is safe from automation.  Humans demand decent wages and benefits whereas robots and software do not.  Creativity will be humans last safe haven before they take that too.



3D Printed Organ Replacements

Stem cells combined with 3D printers combined with genetics research.



Reverse Engineering the Brain

A Computer model built to simulate the trillions of neural connections in the human brain.  This will be one of the bridges to human level artificial intelligence.



An Elevator to Space 

Launching supplies into space is expensive.  Connecting a cable to a satelite in geostationary orbit would allow for easy shipment of goods into space.  We'll need to make the cable out of nano carbontubes, so that will be a thing too.



The First Man on Mars 

Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars with his rocket company, Space X.  If you've seen what he's overcome so far, you better believe he will achieve multi-planetary colonization.  He's also brainstorming ideas for terraforming the planet.

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